Ethics + Sustainability

Here at Simple Soaps, I do things differently. The demand for fast/cheap skin care products has become so high, pushing large corporations to produce products made with dyes and artificial fragrance oils. I like to slow things down. Simple Soaps strives to produce handcrafted soaps, skin care products and products for daily living made with pure real ingredients, wildcrafted herbs and essential oils. All products are designed to help you simplify your daily life and packaged to help reduce single use plastic products. I also apply a "no waste" rule, making products in bars so when they are gone, they are gone. No waste leftover feels great.

I strive to provide you and your family with products that are made with high positive energy and good intentions. I am so happy to bring my passion and love for nature to you, by creating products that I know will make a difference in your daily life. Thank you for supporting my shop!