About Simple Soaps

How Simple Soaps was born...

Hi! I’m Cheryl Smearman, the owner, manager, designer and creator here at Simple Soaps. I love continuing to learn and grow and often take classes to push forward my expertise in the skincare industry. My heart is full by providing you with simply natural, simply pure, simply good products from my family to yours.

Staying home with my three children gave me the opportunity to provide my family with handcrafted, wild sourced, sustainable products. Driven by my love for nature, I began incorporating the things that I love most: homemade products, wild herbs and mushrooms. Simple Soaps was born from good intentions and created with love to offer you simple, pure, natural products created in the heart of PA. All of my products have one thing in common: simplicity. Using as few ingredients as possible, all items are handcrafted in small batches using no synthetic fragrances or chemical preservatives and are sold in recyclable packaging.