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This truly was a year long journey for me. From hunting to drying to infusing and powdering and all the steps that I have to taken to finally end up with reishi, Chaga, chicken of the woods mushroom soap. I have foraged some of the most medicinal mushrooms in the eastern US and infused and powdered them into a batch of soap. ❤️❤️❤️ I get the most joy being able to find things in the wild and figure out a way to add them to my daily life. Soap and wild mushrooms are two of my favorites!

The reishi mushroom, also known as Ganoderma tsugae, has medicinal qualities to heal and hydrate dry, irritated skin. Its anti inflammatory and helps promote cell regeneration. The Chaga mushroom improves your skins elasticity and natural glow, which helps reduce the appearance of aging. This particular soap is scented with lavender and cedarwood essential oils.

Simple Soaps makes soap with saponified oils of coconut, olive and castor oil. Each bar is homemade with real ingredients that are beneficial for your body and skin. You will receive are approximately a 4 oz bar that is shipped in a cardboard box that is easily recyclable.

By purchasing from Simple Soaps you are supporting a one woman business. Every batch of soap is handmade, which makes each and every bar unique.

We live in a world full of chemicals in all aspects of life. To know that you are only lathering yourself or your family in an all natural product that is beneficial for your body and skin is important. Simple Soaps makes the products they make because it feels good to spread a chemical free lifestyle. Your purchase is so greatly appreciated and helps make it possible to make more all natural products.

I am happy to refund any overcharged shipping and always try and ship within two days of your order.