Herb infused essential oil roll-on

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These lovely herb infused essential oil roll-ons were designed to help relax the mind and soothe the soul. Filled with herbs and sweet almond oil and scented with pure essential oils.

Love Yourself~ Designed to allow in love and compassion. This roll on is filled with rose petals and scented with lavender, frankincense and rose geranium.

Sweet Sunshine~ Brings feelings of joy, happiness and positivity. Filled with calendula flowers and scented with ylang ylang, orange and lime.

At Ease~ Helps relax an anxious soul. Allows the body to let go and feel more at ease. Filled with eucalyptus leaves and scented with cedarwood, lemongrass, eucalyptus.

Release the Day~ Allows the body to unwind and helps find a place of stillness. Filled with lavender buds and scented with patchouli, orange and frankincense.

Dream Catcher~ Promotes a blissful relaxed sleep. Helps allow the body to find a place of comfort and relaxation. Dream away, dream catcher.💫It’s filled with chamomile flowers and scented with cedarwood, lavender, and frankincense.