Till the Morning Comes -Honey + Oatmeal Soap

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Honey and oatmeal are known to soothe dry, itchy skin and leave your skin feeling relaxed and less irritated. This honey oatmeal bar is perfect for those that struggle with eczema, dry patches, skin conditions or skin allergies and is known to be helpful for common itchy skin during the change of seasons.

These 4 oz. bars are packaged in a cardboard box to make it easily recyclable. All of our bars do best resting on a soap dish.

By purchasing from Simple Soaps you are supporting a one woman business. Every batch of soap is handmade, which makes each and every bar unique.

We live in a world full of chemicals in all aspects of life. To know that you are only lathering yourself or your family in an all natural product that is beneficial for your body and skin is important. Simple Soaps makes the products they make because it feels good to spread a chemical free lifestyle. Your purchase is so greatly appreciated and helps make it possible to make more all natural products.

I am happy to refund any overcharged shipping and always try and ship within two days of your order.